Technical book "Paintwork damage assessment"

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Technical book "Paintwork damage assessment"

376 pages, 358 photos, 104 graphics,
1. edition 2018
Bound softcover version in DIN A4 format
Author: Burkhard Metheit

Paintwork damage assessment, paint defects and paint damage Everything you need to know about painting errors and damage to the paintwork.

A reference book that describes in detail all known, and in some cases unknown, painting faults and damage to the paintwork. In addition, a large number of sample photos and graphics make it easier to recognise and understand the individual paint defect.

An excellent reference book for the body shop paint technician in training and further education, as well as in professional practice. It is also an indispensable tool for the paintwork damage analysis of every automotive and paint expert.

The aim of this book is to supply detail information about:

  • avoid coating errors in advance
  • reduce damage to paintwork
  • in case of existing damages a quick and
  • enable accurate damage detection
  • to repair the damage economically and professionally

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Content - 11 chapters:

  1. You should know this
  2. Painting flaws caused by errors in compressed air generation and use
  3. Painting flaws on metal and plastic substrates
  4. Paint damage due to weather influences
  5. Paint damage due to industrial influences
  6. Paint damage due to biological influences
  7. Paint damage due to chemical influences
  8. Paint damage due to mechanical influences
  9. Paint damage due to corrosion and oxidation
  10. Other damages, optical lacquer defects and curiosities
  11. Encyclopedia of lacquer

Sprache: Englisch
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